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pH15-K Portable pH Meter with BNC connector, ATC and pH electrode

ph15-k portable ph meter with bnc-connector and atc

The PH15-K Portable pH meter kit comprises of a calculator sized portable pH meter with BNC connector, ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation), as well as a neat carrying case, pH electrode and stainless steel temperature sensor. The temperature sensor can be used as an ATC or for separate temperature measurement.  

Each measure is shown on the digital display. 

PH15-K:- Multiparameter Portable Meter For pH, Redox, and Temperature Measurement 

The PH15-K is a multiparameter meter with the ability to measure the pH value, the Redox Value and the temperature all in the same instrument. The ranges of each of the measure are as follows:

pH measuring range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH,

pH Resolution: 0.01pH

Redox measuring range: -1999 to +1999 mV

Redox Resolution: 1mV

Temperature measuring range: -50.0ºC to 150ºC

Temperature Resolution: 0.1ºC

The ATC operates between 0ºC and 100ºC

The PH15-K is accurate to ±0.02pH, ±2mV or 0.5ºC

Test Existing pH Electrodes

The PH15-K is a pH meter with a BNC connector installed at the front of the instrument to allow the supplied pH Electrode to be connected.

Other pH electrodes with a BNC connector can also be connected to the PH15-K pH meter. This can be particularly useful for isolating problems with already installed pH Electrodes. As these pH electrodes can easily be connected to the PH15-K and the value can be measured and corroborated independently giving allowing the user to see if an unexpected reading is a result of a faulty pH instrument or a pH electrode at the end of it's life-span.

The PH15-K Portable pH meter with BNC connector is supplied with the following:

- 9015-3B plastic bodied combination pH electrode with 1 metre of connecting cable and a BNC connector.

- A8000 Stainless Steel Temperature sensor for auto temperature compensation (ATC) and for separate temperature measuring. 

For Redox (ORP) measurements with the PC15-K Portable pH Meter kit we are able to offer a range of platinum combination electrode suitable for use. Please see our Redox Electrode page to see a list of redox electrodes available. 

The PH15-K Portable pH meter with BNC connector has many uses and offers superior accuracy and repeatability over pH indicator solutions and papers.

Some of the uses for the PH15-K include educational field studies, laboratories, environmental monitoring to simply testing the pH of verily any water based solution.



PH15-K Data Sheet

pHTestr 10 Waterproof pH Tester

pHTestr10 Waterproof pH tester 

The pHTestr 10 is a portable waterproof pH Tester designed as a rugged low cost portable pH instrument that is suitable in even the harshest environments. Mistakes do happen so if you do drop it in your processing tank it will float to the surface. It even features a lug for you to attach a cord to, allowing you to retrieve the pH stick if it floats away from you.

The pHTestr 10 offers a full measuring range of 0 -14.00 pH.

The waterproof pH tester is both compact and economical of simple design and construction featuring a replaceable electrode so the body may be reused many times. Powered by 1.5 volt button batteries with auto timed shutdown and auto buffer recognition the pH stick is simple to own and use.
The pH stick instrument has many uses offering increased accuracy and repeatability over pH indicator solutions and papers. Uses include educational field studies, laboratories, environmental monitoring right through to simply testing the pH of virtually any water based solution.

Specifications pHTestr10 Stick pH Tester

Model No WD35634-00

Range 0 - 14.0 pH

Resolution 0.1 pH

Accuracy ± 0.2 pH

Calibration 3 points

Temperature compensation Automatic

Electrode type Glass pH sensor

Operating temperature 0 - 50ºC

Power supply 3 x 1.5v button type batteries

Battery life approx 250 hours

Dimensions 6.5” x 1.5” (165 mm x 38 mm)

Weight 125 grms



pHTestr 10 Data Sheet


pH Buffer solutions are solutions made to a known pH value which are very stable and resist changes in that pH value when small quantities of either acid or alkali are added during use.
The most commonly used pH electrodes have an Eo of 7 pH which means they produce a zero electrical signal at 7.00 pH and a positive millivolt potential as thepH falls and a negative millivolt potential as the pH increases. The best way to standardize any pH instrument is by using a 7.00 pH buffer to set 7.00 pH the zero output of the electrode and either 4.00 or 9.00pH as the span depending upon whether the pH values you wish to measure are acidic or alkali.
If your pH values can be either acidic or alkali simply calibrate on one buffer say 4.00 pH and carry out a buffer check on the other buffer 9.00 pH.

pH probe Range from AWE Direct. Our pH probe range are designed for hard-wearing industrial applications.

Replacement pH Probe PS183-20B

Replacement pH Probe PS183-20B

The PS183-20B pH probe is designed for use with our PS90S dip pH Sensor System.

This sealed industrial pH probe has a double junction, non-fouling ceramic reference and fully exposed glass bulb for excellent response. Manufactured in PVC this probe is designed for industrial applications where temperatures don't exceed 50ºC.


As with all our sealed pH probes the PS183-20B doesn't require topping up of electrolyte and the PS183-20B is fitted with 20 feet of connecting cable and a BNC fitting as standard.

Tuff Tip pH Probe PTT183-20B

Tuff Tip pH Probe PTT183-20B

The PTT183-20B is the tuff tip pH probe sibling of the PS183-20B and designed for use with the PTT90s submersible pH sensor system. 

The PTT183-20B has a double junction, slightly recessed glass bulb and very large annular ceramic reference. The proximity of the reference to the glass give a very fast response time and the recessed glass bulb is almost unbreakable. 

The PTT183-20B is manufactured in PVC for applications up to 50ºc and the pH probe is fitted with 20 feet of connecting cable and a BNC fitting as standard. 

ATC pH Probe PTT283-20B

Temperature Compensating pH probe PTT283-20B

The PTT283-20B temperature compensating double junction pH probe is designed to operating at high temperature than it's little brother the PTT183-20B. The PTT283-20B temperature compensating pH probe still offers a very fast response time and a virtually unbreakable glass bulb using the tuff-tip technology. 

The PTT283-20B is manufactured in PVDF for high-temperature operation and includes a PT100 or PT1000 temperature sensor to create an automatic temperature compensating pH probe or pH probe with ATC.

The PTT283-20B is fitted with 20 feet of connecting cable and BNC fitting as standard with two wire temperature compensation output. 

Inline pH probe P9027-10B

Inline pH Probe 9027-10B

Our inline pH probe model P9027-10B is fitted complete with a 1/2" male thread for screwing directly into your pipework to give an inline pH probe.

The 9027-10B has a single junction, annular reference junction, large low-impedence glass bulb and is suitable for a temperature range of up to 100ºC.

The 9027-10B is fitted with 10 feet of connecting cable and BNC plug as standard. 

Online pH Probe P1627-10B

Online pH Probe P1627

The P1627-10B is an online pH Probe designed specifically to offer continual pH readings in almost all environments.

The P1627-10B combines tuff-tip technology with a flat glass reference bulb. This makes the glass bulb virtually unbreakable even in applications where solids or particulates may compromise the bulb. 

The P1627 online pH probe has a double junction and is manufactured in PVDF for greater chemical resistance & high temperature usage. 

As standard the P1627-10B is fitted with 10 feet of connecting cable and BNC fitting. The probe has a 3/4" BSP thread on both sides.

Double Junction pH Probe P8027-10B

Double Junction pH Probe P8027-10B

Our pH probe model P8027-10B like many of our other probes is a double junction pH probe. This means that it is resistant to pH probe poisoning from chemicals which traditionally react with the silver-silver chloride reference electrode.

The double junction pH probe P8027-10B has a full glass pH bulb and annular ceramic reference junction and is manufactured in PVDF for greater resistance and high temperature operation. 

The P8027-10B double junction pH probe has a 3/4" BSP thread on both sides and is fitted with 10 feet of connecting cable and BNC plug as standard. 

Industrial pH probe P800-T-TC-10B

Industrial pH Probe P800

Our industrial pH probe P800-T-TC-10B is designed for the harhest industrial environments.

With threads on both sides for either inline or submersion mouting the P800-T-TC features a porous annular teflon reference, tuff tip, recessed glass electrode and the pH probe body constructed in chemically resistant PVDF.

The P800 also includes temperature sensor to allow a compatible instrument to compensate for temperature. 

The P800-T-TC1-10B has 3/4" BSP thread on both sides and includes 10 feet of connecting cable with BNC fitting and two-wire temperature compensation output as standard. 

Long Life pH probe P3637-T-TC-10B

Long life pH probe P3637

Our P3637-T-TC is our long life pH probe designed for use in environments where other probes aren't able to survice. 

The P3637-T-TC combines a number of important factors, it is a sealed pH probe which includes a double junction for resistnace to applications which can poison other pH probes including process solutions such as ammonia, chloride, and sulfides. 

The P3637-T-TC is also manufactured in the most chemically resistant components possible, including an annular porous non-fouling PTFE reference and PVDF body.

The probe is suitable for high temperature applications and includes a temperature sensor for precision automatic temperature compensation. 

The P3637-T-TC is designed for mounting into unpressurised vessels, lagoons, or pits as part of a dip pH sensor system. 

Antimony pH Probe Model AS183-20B

Antimony pH probe AS183-20B for use in Hydrofluoric Acid

Our AS183-20B is our antimony pH probe designed for use in abbrasive environments and specifically where Hydrofluoric Acid or HF Acid is used.

The AS183-20B has a limited range but offers total resistance to Hydroflouoric Acid. The AS183-20B is supplied as an ex-stock pH probe and is supplied complete with 6 metres of connecting cable and BNC connector. 

In addition the AS183-20B Antimony pH probe insert the AS183-20B is available as a complete pH dip probe assembly in the form of our AS90S Antimony pH probe assembly.




AWE Direct News:- New Teflon Junction pH Electrodes and Redox Electrodes

We are now able to supply our P8000-10B series high performance combination pH electrodes with a porous teflon liquid junction, and our R8000-10B series of high performance combination redox electrodes with a porous liquid junction.

The new range of P8000 pH Electrodes and R8000 Redox Electrodes are ideal for solutions which are incompatible with ceramic. Some chemical blends involving strong acids or strong alkali solutions can slowly dissolve the ceramic junction. Other substances can block the ceramic junction such as biological effluents which contain fats, oils or greases. 

The P8000-10B porous teflon liquid junction pH electrodes and R8000-10B high performance liquid teflon junction redox electrodes aim to eliminate these concerns. 

More about our P8000-10B High Performance pH Electrodes and R8000-10B High Performance Redox Electrodes