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P7335 Small Sized pH Controller measuring just 96 x 48 x 95mm and fitted with 2 x On / Off Control Relays and 4-20mA Current Output.

p7335 ph controller

The P7335 pH Controller is available in either surface mounting or panel mounting configuration:- 

Model number P7335-W is supplied in a surface mounting enclosure

Model number P7335 pH controller is supplied in panel mounting configuration.  

P7335 pH Controller Introduction

The P7335 pH Controller offers the same functionality as our P7635 pH controller but is housed in a smaller 96 x 48mm housing. This makes the P7335 an excellent solution for when space is limited. 

The P7335 combines powerful functionality and a bright red LED digital display all in a DIN spec housing measuring just 96 x 48 mm and is designed for the DN 47300 standard. This instrument also has a very short case length at only 95 mm allowing the controller to be mounted into compact sized control panels saving on both space and cost.

The P7335 has user selectable ranges allowing it to be used for either the monitoring and control of pH or Redox (ORP) millivolt. The P7335 can be selected for use with pH probes, Redox Probes, or with Antimony Electrodes for pH measurement in solutions containing HF (Hydrofluoric acid)

The range of the instrument is across the full 0 - 14.00 pH scale and from -1000mV to +1000mV for the measurement of Redox (ORP). 

In addition this instrument also has temperature compensation which maybe manually set over the range of 0 - 100ºC or automatically compensated for over the 0-100ºC. The Automatic Temperature Compensation is through the use of either a Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor. These are available from AWE Direct as either a pH Electrode with a built in Temperature Sensor, or as a separate stand alone temperature sensor. 

When measuring pH we suggest pairing our instrumentation with an AWE pH electrode or another good quality electrode. For Redox measurement we recommend pairing the P7335 with an AWE Platinum band Redox Probe or another precision Redox probe.

The P7335-W pH Controller for Surface Mounting

The P7335 is fitted with two programmable on / off control relays. These can be programmed for either high or low operation and have adjustable delay timers. The on / off control relays are SPST 5 amp non inductive.

Within the instrument a pH value can be assigned as a setpoint (such as a value of 7.00pH).

When the pH value is below this point, a control relay will switch allowing a dosing pump to activate or a normally closed solenoid valve to open. When the set point value (e.g. pH 7.00) is reached the control relay will switch again to stop the dosing pump from operating or to return the solenoid valve to closed. In this instance the on / off control relay is set to low. 

As the pH Controller includes 2 x control relays the pH value of the second control relay can be assigned another value. For example this value could be set at 10.00 pH. If the pH is above this value, a second dosing pump or solenoid valve could be controlled to dose an acid reduce the pH value below the 10.00 pH setpoint. This second on / off control relay would be set to high. This setup would ensure that in this treatment example the pH value would remain between 7 & 10 pH. 

In addition to the On / Off control relays the P7335 includes a SPDT 5 amp non-inductive alarm relay with adjustable delay timer. This can be set to operate on both a high and low measured value. The alarm relay is often used to control an audible alarm and / or control beacon. 

4-20mA output for use with PLC's and Chart Recorders.

The P7335 pH Controller has an isolated current output which corresponds to the measuring range selected (either pH Control or Redox Control) and can output either a 0 - 20mA or a 4-20mA signal. The current output is non-expandable and often used with a PLC or Chart Recorder. 

P7335 Controller Specifications 

Range pH: 0.00 - 14.00 pH.

Range Redox (ORP): 0 - ±1000mV

Display: 4 Digit Bright LED.

Temp Range: Measuring and Compensating 0-100ºC or 32 - 212ºF

Automatic Temp Comp: Automatic via 3 wire PT100 or PT1000 Sensor.

Manual Temp Comp: Manually Selectable from 0 - 100ºC 

Zero: ± 2.00pH

Slope: 80% - 110%

Resolution: 0.01 pH.

Set Points: 2 min / max selectable contacts SPST, 5 amp non-inductive.

Action: On / Off with delay timer of 0 - 100 seconds.

Alarm Relay: 1 Min or Max. Contacts SPDT, 5 amp non-inductive.

Action: On / Off with delay timer 0 - 100 seconds.

Current Output:  0 - 20mA or 4 - 20 mA isolated to 600 ohms.

Power supply: 86 - 264 volt at 50 / 60Hz via switch mode power supply.

Power Consumption: 6 VA

Weight: 500 grams DIN rail version.

Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 95mm cutout 92 x 45 mm

Ordering: Please Specify model:- P7335 Panel Mounting pH Controller and P7335-W Surface Mounting pH Controller


P7335 data sheet

P7335 Data Sheet





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