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Surface Mount pH Controller Model M05-pH in IP65 Enclosure with 3 x Control Relays and 2 Expandable 4-20mA outputs.

Surface Mount pH Controller Model M05-pH

The M05-pH pH Controller is only available in Surface Mounting Configuration. A number of enhanced versions of the M05-pH are available:-

Model M05-pH-DL pH Controller with built in data-logger.

Model M05-pH-GSM pH controller with built in GSM Modem.

Model M05-pH-RS232 pH Controller with built in RS232 connection for remote operation.

Surface Mount pH Controller Model:- M05-pH Introduction

The model M05-pH controller is a state of the art surface mounting pH controller in a custom made corrosion resistant IP65 housing with separate terminal housing with a gasketed lid.

The Surface Mount pH controller model M05-pH has a custom made 128 x 64 display which displays pH, temperature and the state of the two control relays and common alarm relay all in the same display. 

The M05-pH is a precision instrument which means that it is suitable for a wide array of applications and it is also designed to be as simple to use as possible. The instrument is fitted with 4 way directional buttons which are used to navigate through the onscreen menus. There are two selection keys allowing the user to easily confirm and select each of the functions during setup and calibration. The stated function of each button during each step of the process item is prominently displayed at the bottom of the LCD display. This means that the days of looking through instruction manuals are almost behind us.

The clear graphic back lit display includes a large display of the process units - in this case pH, it also shows the date & time, displays the process temperature, alarm warning display, function menu display, setup menu display, and probe menu display. 

The M05-pH is designed to be a surface mount pH controller and can be placed is some of the harshest environments possible. The robust corrosion resistant ABS housing is designed to meet the IP65 standard and measures 202 mm wide x 201 mm height and 106 mm deep. There are mounting holes 184 mm x 184 mm located in the housing to enable easy mounting to a surface. 

As the pH Controller is designed to be surface mounted to access the terminals the M05-pH has been designed with a gasket lid. This means that the terminals can be accessed easily and without having to remove the M05-pH from the surface to which it is affixed. 

We strongly recommend using the M05-pH with an AWE Instruments pH Electrode or other high quality electrode. To aid the connection of an electrode the M05-pH is fitted with a BNC connector allowing the easy connection of the probe. 

The M05-pH Surface Mount pH Controller works across the full pH range of 0.00 - 14.00 pH and also takes a second input from a PT100 temperature sensor. The temperature input can be from a separate PT100 temperature sensor or from a pH Probe with built in temperature sensor. The temperature reading and automatic temperature compensation (ATC) occurs across the 0 - 100°C range.

For additional safe operation the M05-pH has a flow sensor input which provides an override on the controller to prevent process control should no flow be detected. This is particularly useful on in-line installations. 

There is also a low level input which can prevent to process control from occurring should there be a low level of chemical reagent present. For example if a process is being controlled by the chemical dosing of an acid solution by a metering pump, then should there be a low level of acid present as measured by a suitable low liquid level sensor then the M05-pH will stop the pump from being called. By preventing the pump from operating dry this can prevent damage from occurring to the pump.

Mains supply to the M05-pH is by the built in switch mode power supply. This accepts any mains supply voltage from 100 to 240V AC at 50 / 60Hz which allows the unit to operate fro many overseas locations and simplifies stocking requirements. 

Surface Mount pH Controller M05-pH With Built in Data Logger

The M05-pH is also available as pH controller with optional built in Data Logger. The M05-pH-DL includes a slot for an SD card where the measured pH value and the time of the reading are stored on the SD Card for interrogation by a computer. The data is compatible with Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. 

Surface Mount pH Controller M05-pH With RS232 Connection

The M05-pH is available with an optional RS232 connection. The M05-pH-RS232 has an RS232 connection with galvanic separation allows the M05-pH to be remotely controlled from a network connected computer. The software is provided to be installed on a compatible PC for remote operation. 

Surface Mount pH Controller M05-pH With Built in GSM Modem

The M05-pH is also available with a built in GSM / GPRS modem. The M05-pH-GSM has a GSM / GPRS Modem which is able to send you event based messages as an SMS messages should an event be triggered. Where site locations are remote or where the M05-pH-GSM is located far away from a maintenance station this acts as an effective monitoring solution. A number of customer who manage sites on behalf of their customers standardise on the M05-pH-GSM pH controllers; to enable them to include the remote alert system as an additional benefit to their customers service contracts.

M05-pH Surface Mount pH Controller with 3 x Control Relays

The M05-pH controller is fitted with 3 control relays. These are SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) and able to offer On / Off control and are 5 amp inductive. Two of the three control relays have an adjustable hysteresis. In addition these two relays are can be user selected to operate as either On / Off control relays or to offer PWM (Proportional Width Modulation) control.

The PWM relays allow a solenoid valve to stay open for a defined period of time regulating the flow of a reagent proportional to the measured pH value. Typically PWM relays control solenoid valves which allow the discharge of lime or caustic as a reagent.

The third relay is traditonally operated as an Alarm Relay for either high or low operation, where the alarm relay triggers should the pH value fall below a desired pH setpoint in Low mode, or above a desired pH setpoint in High operation mode.

M05-pH Surface Mount pH Controller with 2 expandable 4-20mA outputs

The M05-pH is fitted with 2 expandable 4-20mA outputs which are isolated to 400Ω. The 4-20mA outputs can be both expanded and inverted as required; this means that across the 4-20mA output, it can selected to either represent the full 0 - 14.00 pH scale or a proportion of the range. So for instance the 4-20mA can be set over the 7.00 to 10.00 pH range where a 4mA is produced at 7.00 pH and a 20mA signal is produced at the 10.00 pH value. In this instance the 4-20mA can be connected to a compatible proportional dosing pumps to provide full proportional dosing of acid so that at a value of 10.00 pH the pump is called to dose at it's maximum amount before decreasing the amount of acid dosed as we near the desired setpoint (4mA or 7.00pH).

M05-pH pH Controller Specifications

Input: Any AWE combination pH electrode or other good quality electrode.

Range pH: 0.00 - 14.00 pH.

Display: Backlit Graphic Display LCD 128 x 64

Temp Range: 0 - 100ºC or 14 - 212ºF

Automatic Temp Comp: Automatic via PT100 Sensor.

Manual Temp Comp: Manually Selectable from 0 - 100ºC 

Zero: Adjustable

Slope: Adjustable

Resolution: 0.01 pH.

Control Relays: 

Action: On / Off or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). High / Low Selectable, SPST, 5 Amp Non-Inductive.

Hysteresis: adjustable.

Alarm Relay: 1

Action: On / Off, High or Low Operation, SPST, 5 Amp Non Inductive.

Current Output: 2 x Expandable 4 - 20 mA (programmable), isolated to 400 ohms, signal selectable.

Flow Sensor: Input by flow sensor and output relays frozen on "No Flow".

Level Control Sensor: Input by liquid level probe and output relays frozen on low level.

Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC 50 / 60Hz. via internal switch mode power supply.

Modem: Optional - GSM / GPRS compatible via sim card. 

Data Logger: Optional - Fitted internal slot for SD Card.

Power Consumption: 10VA

Weight: 1150 grams panel mount version.

Dimensions: 202 x 184 x 106 mm

Ordering: Please Specify model:- 

M05-pH Surface Mount pH Controller 

M05-pH-DL Surface Mount pH Controller with built in Data Logger

M05-pH-GSM Surface Mount pH Controller with built in GSM Modem

M05-pH Data Sheet

M05 Data Sheet