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We are able to offer our electrodes with the S8 connector as replacements for existing installations in many cases our electrodes out perform the originals having more responsive glass membranes non fouling peripheric junctions and the option of double junctions. We can supply porous Teflon junctions to order for solutions, which are in compatible with ceramic junctions. However we only recommend this electrode for light duties due to the connector being on the top of the electrode. Warning in our opinion this connector is a nice idea but can suffer from damp and dirt in the connection causing erroneous readings.

9015-S8 General purpose epoxy bodied sealed combination pH electrode for portable and light industrial use. Low impedance glass bulb, single junction reference, with silver-silver chloride element. Temperature range 0 - 60oC pH range 0 - 13 pH. fitted S8 connector.

9069-S8 General purpose sealed combination pH electrode for laboratory or light industrial applications. Standard glass bulb, sealed single junction reference,
with silver-silver chloride element. Temperature range 0 - 60oC pH range 0 - 13 pH.fitted S8 connector.

9001098 - 10B Lead assembly for S8 connector fitted BNC connector.