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Turbidity is the measurement of suspended or undissolved partials present in a liquid, our instruments measure in NTUs (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) the measurement principal is based on how light is scattered or reflected by these partials. Please note turbidity is a measurement of the clarity of a solution not colour, water with a cloudy appearance will have a higher turbidity than a clear red wine.

Applications include measurement of potable waters from water treatment plants, swimming pool waters, to discharge from industrial effluent treatment plants to verify the settlement process is effective.

Turbidity Instruments

TU7685, TU7685 Cell, and TU Auto Clean

TU7685 Turbidity meter based on the Nephelometric method of measurement auto or manual range selection form 0 - 4.00, 0 - 40.00, 0 - 400.0 or 0 - 4000. NTU with two control relays one alarm relay and an isolated current output. 
The TU7685 is for use with the TU800 Infrared light sensor which carries out the measurement. The sensor maybe mounted up to 100 metres away from the TU7685 Turbidity meter.

-W W’proof enclosure to hold 1 or 2 7600 instruments (add)

Sensors are available as follows

TU800 -F Off line flow cell in PVC for a small flowing sample of 0.25 to 25 litres/min, connection by 8 mm OD tubing max temperature 30°C.

TU800 -D Dip sensor 600mm long with PVC riser tube and mounting flange.

TU910 10 metre long connecting cable with wproof connectors

-AC Dip sensors can be supplied with an auto clean compressed air sensor cleaning system comprising of a small 240 volt air compressor solenoid and regulating valves with air blast nozzle includes option auto clean function in the instrument.

Portable Turbidity Meter Kit

TN100 kit

TN100IR Microprocessor based portable Turbidity meter uses an infrared LED light source to provide laboratory standard repeatability and accuracy. Measurement range 0 - 1000 NTU units in 3 ranges automatically selected from 0 -19.99, 0 - 99.9 and 0 - 1000 NTU. Supplied with sturdy compact carrying case, calibration standards and sample vials.