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APS2 pH Simlulator


* Easy to Use
* Full pH range o - 14.00 pH
* 250MΩ Impeadence Test
* Base of 20oC
* Portable and Light Weight
* Ideal for Field Use
* Ideal for Workshop Use
* Battery Powered
* Low Battery Volts Indicator

The APS2 pH & millivolt simulator is a light and portable precision instrument designed to provide a precise electrical signal. The APS2 pH & millivolt simulator is used for calibrating and checking the calibration of most popular pH instruments, which use a conventional combination electrode.

The APS2 pH & millivolt simulator produces the correct electrical signal to correspond to pH values of 0pH, 2pH 4pH, 5pH, 6pH, 7pH, 8ph, 9pH, 10pH, 12pH and 14pH at a solution temperature of 20oC.

The APS2 pH & millivolt simulator may also be use to check the input impendence to the pH instrument under test and if the instrument is functioning satisfactory the condition of the cable and connectors may also be verified by the APS2 pH & millivolt simulator.