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Antimony pH probe AS183-20B for use in Hydrofluoric Acid applications.

Antimony pH probe model AS183-20B

The AS183-20B Antimony pH probe has been designed for the measurement of pH in applications where Hydrofluoric or HF acid is present. Where the HF Acid would normally etch away the glass of a pH electrode - the Antimony in our pH probe is resistant to the effects of Hydrofluoric Acid. 

Antimony pH probe Model AS183-20B Introduction

The AS183-20B Antimony pH probe has been designed with the same care and attention as our full pH probe range and includes a body designed for maximum chemical resistance, pH probe guard to prevent large solids from blocking the Antimony and the 3/4" BSP thread allows the Antimony pH probe to be screwed into a dip pH assembly for submersion into tanks, pits, or lagoons or any other unpressurised vessel. 

Antimony pH probe model AS183-20B Features & Benefits.

Some applications contain abrasive elements which result in the bulb of a standard glass pH electrode being damaged. For these applications and applications where Hydrofluoric Acid or blends of Sulphuric, Nitric and Hydrofluoric Acid are present - customers often specify an Antimony pH probe.

The AS183-20B is resistant to the etching effects of Hydrofluoric Acid. This immunity does mean that the range of the pH probe is limited and the response time is a little slower. We recommend the AS183-20B for use in applications where the pH is between 2 - 9pH for accurate readings and combining the antimony probe with a suitable pH instrument capable of working with the AS183-20B. Our P7635, P7335 and P7685 pH controllers are all compatible with Antimony probes.

The response time of the AS183-20B across large pH variations can take between 5 - 20 seconds to register on an instrument. The slower response time is a trade off against the resistance to Hydrofluoric acid. 

The AS183-20B has a 3/4" thread for mounting into a dip pH electrode assembly and is available as a dip assembly using model number AS90S. 

Antimony pH probe AS183-20B Connection Types and cable length.

The AS183-20B is available with a number of connection types; as standard we supply the AS183-20B with 6 metres of connecting cable and a BNC fitting.

For custom fitting types please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

AS183 -


- Z

Antimony pH Probe


Cable Length

10 = 3 Metres

20 = 6 Metres

30 = 9 Metres


Connection Type

B = BNC Connector (Most Common)

T = Stripped & Tinned Connections

A = U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments

I = Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments

K = Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments

More information on pH electrode connection types

The AS183-20B Antimony pH Probe maybe used as a replacement for many other manufacturers electrodes, often outperforming the original electrodes. 

Antimony pH Probe AS183-10B In Summary

Range pH: 2 - 9 pH

Operating Temperature: 0 - 100°C

Response Time: Fair.

Electrode Type: Antimony.

Reference Type: N/A

Junction Type: N/A

Dimensions: 116mm Long  x 33mm ∅

Fitting: Single 3/4" BSP Thread

Model Numbers Available Ex-Stock:

AS183-20B - Long Life pH Probe with 3 metres connecting cable & BNC fitting.

Ordering: Please Specify model using AS183-20B and then the naming convention defined in the above table for cable and connection type. Due to the nature of the applications that this product is intended for we would recommend discussing your applications with our sales team first by calling 01785 254 597 first.

pH Probe Data Sheet

pH Probe Data Sheet