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P8027 Sealed pH electrode in PVDF housing with annular ceramic reference junction mounting 3/4'' BSP. thread 0 - 100oC pH range 0 - 13 pH.

P8000 Sealed DJ pH electrode in PVDF housing with ceramic reference junction mounting 3/4'' BSP. thread pH range 0 - 13 pH

P8000T/TC Sealed DJ pH electrode in PVDF housing with porous teflon reference junction mounting 3/4'' BSP. thread pH range 0 - 13 pH.

1627 Flat glass pH electrode with Kynar (PVDF) housing for greater chemical resistance and higher temperature use pH range 0 - 12 pH.

3637 Combination pH electrode with standard glass bulb and sealed double PTFE reference junction. For use where organic compounds react with silver. Temperature range 0 - 100oC pH range 0 - 13




pH Transmitter Range

Within our pH Transmitter range we offer the P3630 pH Transmitter. This instrument is one of our top selling instruments and offers an excellent way of transmitting a pH signal to a PLC or other device. 

The unit is normally located within close proximity to a pH electrode giving the operator a visual indication of the current pH output. The pH Transmitter then transmits the pH value using a 4-20mA (or 0 - 20mA) current signal to a PLC or Chart Recorder which can be located up to 1000 metres away. The same 2 wires which transmit the pH signal as a 4-20mA current signal are also used to power the pH transmitter. This "loop powered" system ensures an efficient transfer of the signal and means that the pH transmitter can be housed in either a small din rail mounting enclosure or as a surface mounted pH transmitter system.