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P3630 and P3630-W pH Transmitter

For Din Rail or Surface Mounting 


The P3630-W pH transmitter is supplied in an optional surface mounting weatherproof enclosure for mounting close to the pH electrode system.

The P3630 pH Transmitter is supplied as a din rail mounting option for installing into your panel or process.

By mounting the pH transmitter close to the sensor it is possible to send an industry standard isolated 4 - 20 mA signal up to 1000 metres away. The P3630-W pH transmitter operates from a 24 Volt DC (VDC) supply and the same two wires used to power the transmitter also carry the 4 - 20mA current signal.

By using the same 2 wires to carry the 4-20mA signal and the 24 Volt DC supply. The pH transmitter can be powered by the receiving Controller, Recorder, PLC or AWE Instruments model BC7635 digital indicator controller with built in stabilised power supply and high - low alarms. The amount of wiring to connect the transmitter and receiver is minimised and the majority of receiving instruments including AWE Instruments Model:- BC7635 are initially designed to receive the signal and power the external instrument.

The P3630-W pH transmitter features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) over the range of 0 - 100ºC with an industry standard Pt100 sensor, which maybe either mounted inside the electrode or supplied as a separate stainless steel sensor depending on the electrode type selected. 


P3630-W pH Transmitter Specifications

Range pH: 0.00 - 14.00 pH.

Temp display: 10 - 120ºC

Display: 3 ½ L.C.D. units.

Display size: 12.5 mm.

Output: 4 - 20 mA limited to 25 mA.

Galvanic isolation: 500 volts.

Temp comp: Automatic via pt. 100 sensor.

Zero: ± 15%

Span: 86 - 112%

Resolution: 0.01 pH.

Repeatability with sensor: ± 0.02 pH.

Power supply: 10 - 30 volts DC. stabilised.

Weight: 200 Grams DIN rail version.

Ordering: Please Specify model:- P3630 for Din Rail Mounting and P3630-W for surface mounting.

The accuracy of the pH measurement is to 0.01 pH and has an excellent repeatability factor making this an excellent precision instrument for industry and laboratory usage. Applications include remote effluent discharge pH monitoring, any other pH monitoring points where long co-ax cable runs are installed between the sensor and instrument. pH control with varying temperature requiring automatic temperature compensation and control loops using computers or PLC’s. Requiring 4 - 20 mA isolated signals.

The model P3630-W surface mounted pH transmitter is fitted with an external makalon door providing access to the buffer and slope controls for easy on site calibration.

P3630-W Data Sheet

P3630-W Data Sheet




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