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Portable pH meter and pH Tester range

pHTestr 10 Stick Meter


pHTestr 10 stick meter:- the instrument that floats! Rugged low cost portable pH instrument that is totally waterproof, if you drop it in your processing tank it will float to the surface. It even features a lug for you to attach a cord to, allowing the you to retrieve the pH Tester stick meter if it starts to floats away from you.

The pHTestr 10 features full measuring range of 0 -14.00 pH.

PH15-K Portable pH Meter with BNC Connector and ATC

Portable pH Meter PH15-K

PH15-K Portable pH / Redox / Temperature meter kit with digital display and ranges of:-

0 - 14.00 pH for pH Measurement

0 - 1999 mV for Redox Measurement

or -50 to 150oC for Temperature Measurement

Fitted with automatic temperature compensation on the pH range. 

Supplied with 9005 - 3B epoxy bodied pH electrode, stainless steel temperature sensor and carrying case.

PC18-K Portable pH and Conductivity Meter

Portable pH Meter PC18-K Combination pH, Conductivity and Temp Meter

PC18-K Portable Combination meter selectable for pH, Temperature and Conductivity.


0 - 14.00 for pH Measurement

-50 to +150oC for Temperature Measurement

0 - 200 µS, 0 - 2000 µS or 0 - 20.00 mS for conductivity measurement with ATC.

Supplied with pH electrode, k = 1.0 conductivity cell with ATC, stainless steel temperature sensor and carrying case.




AWE Direct News:- New Teflon Junction pH Electrodes and Redox Electrodes

We are now able to supply our P8000-10B series high performance combination pH electrodes with a porous teflon liquid junction, and our R8000-10B series of high performance combination redox electrodes with a porous liquid junction.

The new range of P8000 pH Electrodes and R8000 Redox Electrodes are ideal for solutions which are incompatible with ceramic. Some chemical blends involving strong acids or strong alkali solutions can slowly dissolve the ceramic junction. Other substances can block the ceramic junction such as biological effluents which contain fats, oils or greases. 

The P8000-10B porous teflon liquid junction pH electrodes and R8000-10B high performance liquid teflon junction redox electrodes aim to eliminate these concerns. 

More about our P8000-10B High Performance pH Electrodes and R8000-10B High Performance Redox Electrodes

Portable pH Tester

Portable pH testers and portable pH meters are usually separated into two different types.

Stick Type pH Tester

The stick type pH tester with a replaceable reference. These easy to use pH testers allow the user to insert the instrument into a sample of a solution, directly into a process such as a tank, sump, lake or reservoir. The units have simple push button calibration with buffer recognition and auto temperature compensation. They are often simple to use and the electrode reference can easily be replaced.

Portable pH Meter

A portable pH meter differs from a stick type pH Tester in a number of ways. Usually a portable pH Meter will allow the user to connect an external pH electrode to the device. This allows the user to test not only the pH value of the electrode but also the electrodes response time. This is particularly useful in testing with a pH electrode is nearing the end of it's life span or to diagnose incorrect buffering or connections of a pH electrode or pH controller. In addition pH meters can normally offer an additional benefits not included on Stick type pH Testers. This includes measurement of other disciplines including Conductivity Measurement, Redox Measurement and Temperature Measurement as well as temperature compensation.