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Accessories to make up any pH measuring and control system you will need various accessories to complete the scheme we are able to supply these items usually from stock to suit most typical installations if you do not see what you need please call us we will be able to help.

pH extension cables the majority of pH measurements in our experience is to do with the connections between the electrode and controller due to the very high impendence input to a pH instrument the cable is critical. Simply using any old cheap coax cable will not give the desired results for long. We have a special coax cable made for us to the correct charaistics and impendence our type LMK1. We offer a service of making up pH extension cable with the correct connectors fitted and impendence tested all ready to install. Made any reasonable length you require to suit the instrument in use.

For installations requiring auto temperature compensation and using one of our electrodes fitted with an integral temperature sensor we offer a weatherproof junction box with connector to suit and cabling to run back to your controller.

For installations where the electrode is mounted remotely we are able to offer our Micro transmitter, which is a head mounted preamplifier for use with our P7685 series instruments. The micro transmitter is mounted close to the electrode and connects to the control via a multicore cable which power the micro transmitter allowing the signal to be amplified local to the electrode reducing the effects of long cable and the possibility of picking interference.

For very long distances between the electrode and controller use the P3630-W two wire transmitter as the can be calibrated close to the electrode and the cabling cost on long runs is more cost effective.




pHTestr 10 Calibration


The waterproof pH Tester model:- pHTestr10 has a simple push button 3 point calibration mode. This reduces the time needed to buffer the unit to allow for the quick measurement of pH values. By using the a 3 point calibration the pHTestr 10 offers precision readings across the logarithmic pH scale while also being housed in an IP67 Rated Waterproof enclosure. 

The calibration process is simple using pHBS4, pHBS7 and pHBS10 from our pH buffer solution range to give a representative sample across the pH scale. 

Having rinsed the instrument in water (not de-ionised water) simply insert the pHTestr10 into the first buffer solution, turn the unit on and hold the calibration button down. The instrument will identify which buffer solution, adjust it's internal value accordingly, also give you the previous reading for when the unit was last calibrated. Rinse the electrode again in water and repeat the process for the remaining buffer solutions. 

pHTestr 10 Accessories

Accessories for the pHTestr10 and items also purchased by AWE Direct customers.


Model:- pHWPSEN

Replacement Electrode For pHTesr10

The pHWPSEN is the Replacement electrode for the pHTestr10. The pHWPSEN comprises of a double junction pH Electrode with built in Automatic Temperature Compensation. 

To replace the electrode in the pHTestr10, the old electrode simply twists off the unit and the replacement pH electrode slots into place and the holding collar is tightened to secure it.